WWDC Is Here Again!

WWDC is like Christmas for Apple developers. We give Apple our list throughout the year via reports and blog posts and the like, and on one special morning Apple gives us a bunch of presents in a new version of the OS.

Apple’s developer conference starts on Monday. Every year I write an article on things I’d like to see Apple do (here, here, here and here for example) and every year none of them show up under my tree. My list this year includes making UIWebKit, Apple’s browser technology that we can use within our apps, into a first-class citizens. I want better control over the UI (menus and keyboards), simpler sharing between Objective-C and Javascript, and advanced access to device features. There are other things I’d like to see, too, like everything I’ve requested in the past, but this one sits at the top of my list this year.

From a user of Apple products perspective, the one I really want is apps for Apple TV. I want to get rid of more components under my television and hopefully opening the device to apps would let me do that.

Justin Williams over at carpeaqua created a post with everything expected of Apple this year for the Internet to be happy. It is an amazing list. Take a minute to read it. (My UIWebKit one, by the way, is not on it so, Justin? Please add #51.)