About Me

eliaMy name is Elia Freedman (pronounced Ee-lee-a). I am CEO of Infinity Softworks. I started Infinity Softworks in 1997 as a senior in college, combining my business training and programming ability. Infinity Softworks has helped over 20 million professionals and students in real estate, financial services, math and science who use calculation every day to solve problems and generate proposals, both in the field and at their desk.

Infinity Softworks’ PowerOne® is a different kind of calculator focused on performing repetitive calculations. While it has been in existence as apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm OS and Windows computers for over 20 years, Infinity Softworks re-launched PowerOne as a web and mobile service in 2018.

I have a technical MBA from OHSU/OGI and a BS in Accounting with a minor in Computer Science from Pacific University.

Please feel free to email me directly via this form or find me at Twitter (@eliajf).