A few thoughts on WWDC, Google I/O and the iPad

I love my iPad but there are too many videos I can’t watch thanks to this Flash problem. As a developer and thinker, I completely understand where Apple is coming from and agree with everything Steve Jobs said in his open letter. As a user, though, it is just a pain in the neck. I wish the two could get together and figure out some way to make this work. Something like a separate app that could only run videos. I know it is not going to happen, but I sure wish it would. (Or I wish the world’s video hosts would transition their sites to run on the iPad faster.)

One of the things I hope we see from WWDC is a new Apple TV. Now that I have the iPad I am finding myself watching a lot more video. And not just movies and TV shows and Netflix streaming and baseball games, by the way. A lot more video on the web. I would love to have all these things in one place and available on the big screen in the house when I want it. The problem, of course, is that it will likely run iPhone OS, which still means no Flash, which means many of the videos I want to watch still won’t work.

I also hope Apple is more grown up than Google. I use a lot of Google products and use them every day, but their Google I/O spit balls  aimed at Apple were sophomoric at best. I didn’t like that stuff when I was in middle school. I sure don’t like it now. Let’s face it, the smartphone market is not one of those markets where we are going to have a 90-10 split between two competitors. It is likely that we will see a couple of companies in the 30-40% market share range and a couple of others in the 5-10% range. We are talking about 3.6 billion potential customers here! Let’s also realize that Apple and Google are both better off for having each other. Apple will push Google to make better UI and streamlined devices. Google will push Apple to create better and better products and (hopefully) curb their worst tendencies.

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