Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball

We don’t do a lot of contract work but were happy to help with this one. Adidas worked on a soccer ball that can talk to an iPhone. From the site:

Being able to control, strike and manipulate the ball is the key to mastering the midfield with the precision of Xavi, striking like van Persie or bending it like Beckham.

Now, with the innovative miCoach smart_ball you’ll be able to train yourself, improve your technique, challenge your mates or go up against the best in the world.

Get instant feedback on your power, trajectory, spin and accuracy, so you can stay on target and dictate play, from the park to the pitch.

And with the powerful wireless charger you’ll always have the energy and connectivity to play on.

While we didn’t handle any of the core components, we did write some history, favorites and social media stuff. Adidas was excellent to work with and hope we will get a chance again in the future.