Backlog 2

Yesterday I posted a number of interesting business articles that I had saved away for a rainy day. Today I give you a backlog of “weekend reads” to peruse.

  • The Day My Grandfather Groucho and I Saved ‘You Bet Your Life’ by Andy Marx: Fascinating story about one of the first and great all-time quiz shows.
  • The Innocent Man (Part 1, Part 2) by Pamela Colloff: The story of a Texas man who spent 25 years in jail for not killing his wife. Couldn’t stop reading this one.
  • We Are Alive by David Remnick: Bruce Springsteen grapples with the differences between the realities of his song material and his life at age 62.
  • A Life Worth Ending by Michael Wolff: Grappling with end-of-life issues and the nasty trade-offs in US medical care. My grandmother is at this stage so the article really hit home.
  • The Once and Future Liberalism by Walter Russell Mead: Thought-provoking piece on US history. We are a nation built on liberal ideas, he argues, whether Democrat or Republican.
  • Not Fade Away by Robert Kagan: Interesting argument on why the economic death of the US is greatly exaggerated.

Hope you’ve got some time to read this weekend. Some are really long but all of them were fascinating, sometimes thought-provoking articles. If you have time for only one, make it The Innocent Man. Unbelievable article. I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down.