Nothing Stands Still

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, is credited with saying, “Nothing is permanent except change.” And thus it is on this blog and within Infinity Softworks.

Since January 1, 2012, when I made a commitment to write every day excluding weekends and a mini-vacation between Christmas and New Year’s, I have written 321 posts. That’s over 325 total week days during that time period.

For most of it I was very happy with the experiment. My goal was to only include posts where I could provide some accompanying commentary. But in the past few months, as constraints on my time have increased, I feel that has gotten harder to do and the strain of churning out a new post every day has caused me to get sloppy. As we were figuring things out last year, posting every day was a critical piece of my learning. But now, as we move from discovery to execution, the need isn’t as strong and the topics are harder to come by.

So I’m giving myself permission to stop writing every day. While this may mean I post more than once per day, it more likely means that there will be days when I don’t post at all. And if there are articles that I want to share but don’t have specific commentary, I might just save up a few and post them together like I did last week.

I hope you will continue visiting me here, reading what I write, and commenting more often!

3 thoughts on “Nothing Stands Still

  1. No worries Elia, thanks for your efforts till now.
    I look forward to more interesting stories over coming months.

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