Buggy Software

MG Siegler wrote:

Since the moment it was unveiled at WWDC in June of last year, I’ve been a big fan of iOS 7. While I certainly understand the people who hate change, I am not one of those people. In technology, I welcome change — especially big, bold changes. At the very least, it shows that a company isn’t afraid to experiment. More importantly, it shows that a company isn’t content to rest on its laurels.

So I embraced the gaudy neon and I entered our newly flat world excited. And I remain convinced that in just about every way, iOS 7 is a huge upgrade over the previous iterations. Except one. And it’s a big one.

The software is so inexplicably and inexcusably buggy.

I’ve noticed the same thing and the problem seems to be getting worse over time. It seems, once upon a time, that when Apple shipped a new release it was pretty stable but this doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. Maybe it really never was.

iOS 7 of course was a major change. Add to to this fact that Apple is now supporting a ridiculous amount of software titles. Not only do they have iLife and iWork titles across three platforms (web, iOS, Mac) but they also support professional titles like Aperture, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, developer tools like XCode and all of its universe of sub-applications (like Instruments and Simulator), all the iOS and OS X bundled applications including many that require data like Maps, and iCloud. And this list doesn’t even include the grandaddy of software apps, iOS and OS X themselves.

I want to feel sympathetic. After all I know what it is like to support software. On the other hand, I have to use this stuff.