In the past year and a half Rick and I have developed and shipped the following:

  • Two projects for Adidas
  • One project for a start-up
  • A project for DEWALT Tools
  • powerOne for Android
  • powerOne for Tizen
  • Two projects for The College Board
  • Updates to DEWALT, powerOne for iOS, and a pro bono product

That’s eight products plus updates and, outside of powerOne for iOS and the pro bono job [1], all of these have generated revenue for us as work-for-hire. DEWALT, powerOne for iOS and powerOne for Android also generate a little bit of on-going revenue.

And what plagues me? The project I can’t get done. I really want to spend all my time on Equals and yet, to stay in business, my time is now spent almost full-time on contract jobs.

We get December, though, and our goal this month is to get the web version of Equals done for its first release. This will be a beta release as we have more features plus iOS we feel are needed for a true 1.0. But at least come January we should start seeing whether anyone cares enough to use it.

It will be a sprint. I hope Rick and I don’t get winded.

[1] Which was a trade for some bug fixes in the Android version of powerOne.

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