Taken Out Of Context

Marco Arment on a recent Accidental Tech Podcast:

People assume because I have an audience in some places means that any app I release will be a giant hit. That really isn’t the case. I have an advantage, certainly, by having an established audience. I have an advantage mostly up-front where I’m mostly guaranteed a pretty good launch. After that I’m in the same boat as everyone else.

Marco released the information to his app BugShot here. Since then, he went on to say in ATP, his sales have dropped further and are now down to about 15-20 per day.

I’m saddened to admit that I apparently was the catalyst for that post based on a footnote in my post The App Store Problem Is Not Price. What I meant by my footnote is exactly what Marco said on ATP: he has an advantage, particularly at launch, and nothing more.

What frustrated me was not annoying Marco, although I wasn’t happy about that. We emailed and worked it out. What bothered me was that other people took my footnote, ignored the point I was really making, and focused on the Marco part, leaving out the update I added to clarify the point.

I’ve had a few highly read posts over the years, that one being one of them. But I’ve never had a post so taken out of context by others before. That was a real eye-opener. It felt like a horrible game of telephone. My offhand, misinterpreted footnote seemed to become something else entirely.

Sorry, Marco.

2 thoughts on “Taken Out Of Context

  1. Write enough and it is bound to happen. You’re fortunate it took this long. 🙂

    Usually when this happens to me, I find that my writing wasn’t as clear as I thought. Or that I through an aside into a piece and didn’t take the time to explain it well which is what it sounds like happened to you.

    Anyways, it happens. You made it right with Marco. Don’t sweat it otherwise. 🙂

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