Failing… Again

A week ago we launched an update to powerOne. It was mostly bug fixes and a couple of other things. I screwed up one of the fixes and tried to re-fix it late last week. In the process I swapped out one file provided by a third-party (Flurry). I didn’t think much of it and released it to Apple. They reviewed it quickly and released it. Saturday a couple of reports came in that the app failed to launch on iOS 5. I quickly added a message to the What’s New dialog in iTunes, fixed that problem and released it to Apple again. It’s awaiting review.

I’m frustrated, mostly with myself but a little with Flurry and a little with Apple. Look, the bug was my fault. I failed to test a use case, a use case that turned out to be a pretty big one (using it on an entire OS version). Flurry gets a little of my angst, though, as they made major changes in a point release that broke the app if not set up properly, and then failed to mention how to set it up properly. And a little of my angst is aimed at Apple. What kind of review is this if you don’t even run it on the operating systems it is available for? And why can’t you, after six years of the App Store, give me something to help me out when I screw up, like maybe allowing me to roll back to the previous version?

But mostly I’m upset at myself. I failed to perform a very simple test. I released a new version without completely testing one of the changes. The number of things I am doing is piling up bigger than me. In an effort to get one of them off my plate I rushed and screwed up. I’d like to say this is the first time but it’s not. I’ve done this before, although never to this extent. And that’s the part that is really inexcusable. I’ve failed to learn from a lesson I’ve learned before.


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