Congresses Continued Obsurdity: The Brow Beating of Apple

Matt Miller wrote a great post on Congress’ absurd hearings on Apple’s tax status:

Why are we publicly browbeating an iconic U.S. firm in an era in which we should be encouraging every innovative company to locate and expand high-value work in America? What kind of message do hearings like this send to firms overseas (or U.S.-based multinationals weighing their capital plans) about America being open for business and hungry for job-creating investment?

Once upon a time, Democratic senators like Paul Tsongas of Massachusetts wisely quipped that “you cannot love employment and hate employers.”

But common sense has given way to easy grandstanding.

Congress is always quick to point out it is someone else’s fault. Don’t like the way US companies avoid US taxes? Fix the damned tax code.

Or better yet, let’s combine the IRS “scandal” [1] with the Apple tax “scandal” and have the IRS audit all Congressional member tax records. Then we can really see who is skimming.

[1] Why is no one asking why these organizations are even being granted tax exempt status? We have a situation arise that would be the perfect opportunity to have a national debate but our President and Congressional members are busy hiding from partisan firebombs. Well, most of them anyway.