The Expectations Game

One of the most stunning facts about my grandmother was that she was handling the bookkeeping for the family business at age 9. Age 9! Most kids are playing ball or barbies or whatever. My grandmother was doing the books for a successful auto parts and scrap business.

I discovered so much of myself in my grandmother this past week. At aged 9 and 10 I was trying to understand how to factually re-create baseball players and seasons through the use of statistics. I was creating dice and board based baseball games about that time. Like my grandmother, I had a head for numbers. (My mom’s side is stock-full of number-lovers too.)

Grandma Fannie was a true women’s-libber and an uncanny business person long before she could drive. Makes me wonder whether we expect enough of kids today. She can’t be the only one. What could kids accomplish if we just expected them to do it?