FAA To Loosen Electronics Restrictions

The New York Times reports that the FAA may soon loosen the rules for reading during take off and landing:

According to people who work with an industry working group that the Federal Aviation Administration set up last year to study the use of portable electronics on planes, the agency hopes to announce by the end of this year that it will relax the rules for reading devices during takeoff and landing. The change would not include cellphones.

As someone who takes magazines on a plane just for the twenty minutes during take-off and landing when I can’t use my Kindle, I will be very happy with this change. But as Marco Arment points out, there are an awful lot of questions that hopefully the FAA will answer. By this report there is no distinction between “reading devices” and phones or tablets. And if reading is okay, what about gaming? Marco points out a hundred questions… and then why the distinction.