Unlocking phones is illegal? Let’s fix this. Sign the White House Petition.

My friend Jason Grigsby notes on his blog that apparently unlocking cell phones is illegal:

When you buy a phone, it is your property. If you have a contract that provides a subsidy for that phone, after that contract ends, you should be able to do whatever you want with the phone. You bought it.

Unfortunately, the Library of Congress sees it differently. It recently ruled that unlocking phones is illegal.

Our phone service in the United States is already more expensive than other countries because of lock in. This will make it worse.

Please sign this petition to make the White House review the policy.

We need ~24k more signatures before February 23 in order to get the White House to respond to the petition so after you sign it, please pass it on. Everyone with a mobile phone is impacted by this ruling.

We now need less than 5,000 signatures. Even if we go over every additional signature makes our case stronger. I hope you will take a moment to sign the petition.

2 thoughts on “Unlocking phones is illegal? Let’s fix this. Sign the White House Petition.

  1. I think your friend is incorrect that phone service in the United States is more expensive than other countries. I’ve lived in several other countries and traveled/have friends and family in many more (Canada, Britain, Scotland, Denmark, South Africa, Bahamas, I could go on). U.S. cell and gas prices are cheap compared to most of the developed world, and there are usually very few providers in other countries (Canada really only has one in most places). Just an FYI. ☺

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