The Uniqueness of Oregon

Smuggler Cove

Oregon is a pretty unique place. As an example of that uniqueness, we recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of a decision then Governor Oswald West made regarding our beaches. In 1903 resorts and others were already starting to establish themselves. In addition there was no road system so if you wanted to get from Point A to Point B, you literally drove on the beach. Governor West also saw what was happening back east, namely that private resorts were claiming beach land for themselves.

So on February 13, 1903, Governor West went before the legislature to argue his point. Whether it was “to keep the beach road open” or to “give the beach to all the people,” we really don’t know. But whatever his intentions, what the good Governor did was establish the largest public beach access in the United States, over 360 miles.

The Oregonian talked about the anniversary in an article last week. If you haven’t explored the amazingness that is Oregon’s coast line, I highly recommend it, especially in summer. It’s a magical place.

The included picture was taken by me at Smuggler’s Cove, Oswald West State Park, on the Oregon coast.