powerOne for Samsung Smartphones/Tablets Now Available

I’m happy to announce that powerOne Finance Pro and powerOne Scientific Pro for Samsung Android smartphones and tablets are now available to purchase.

The Android version is very similar to the iOS version, minus two features. It is missing graphing and the ability to keep a history of calculations (although they can be emailed.) powerOne for Android includes the same look and feel, both an RPN and algebraic calculator, the ability to create templates and access to hundreds of templates in the library. They also have the same great price — US$4.99.

If you aren’t familiar, powerOne calculator’s claim-to-fame is its innovative template format. Think of it like a mini-spreadsheet, able to see much of your data at the same time, using labels you are familiar with, and easy to calculate.

Buy a copy of powerOne today!

2 thoughts on “powerOne for Samsung Smartphones/Tablets Now Available

  1. And we’re happy to hear it. Though, will we non-Samsung owners see similarly staggered releases? (Already a satisfied beta participant!)

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