Celebration Of New Life

Jason Cohen wrote a great post on newborns versus start-ups. It is beautifully written and wonderfully thought through. His love of his daughter comes through so clearly, and makes me think of my own daughters and the daunting task of raising them and raising Infinity Softworks at the same time. There are many comparisons between start-ups and babies. Jason points out a few:

For example, both spend the first two years of life actively trying to kill themselves. And you spent that time frantically running around doing everything possible to prevent that eventuality.

Both are a combination of your own creation and their own direction.

How much time do they take? All of it.

How much patience do they take? All of it.

But one thing both share is not only important, it’s one of those few things in life which alters your being in a way that can never be undone and forever changes who you are and how you view and interact with the world.

Both are a crucible.

I found myself agreeing with every word. Hope you’ll read the entire post.

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