Sucked Into The Undertow

John Gruber on The Talk Show podcast, episode 20:

A lot of this change is not really your choice. You do often have a lot of choices in life but a lot of it is you’ve got to get with the program ’cause the train is leaving the station and if you’re not on it you’ll be left behind. … Rising tide lifts all boats. Also, a rising tide often sucks you down the undertow and you drown. … If you are too attached to what you’ve done, to the way things work, to what you were good at, you can really get into trouble because the world around you moves forward.

I found myself, this past weekend, reviewing old copies of FCPlus Professional, powerOne Finance and powerOne Graph manuals. These date from 1998-2001. FCPlus Professional, the fore-runner to powerOne Finance, was particularly interesting. The first version, which we shipped in March 1998, was very under powered with very few financial calculations. We were selling it for $39.99 per copy and customers were ecstatic at those prices. The powerOne products in those days started at $49.99, eventually went to $59.99 with high-end versions as much as $159.99. Oh, with upgrades every couple of years. Here we are a decade later. $4.99 is expensive with no upgrade revenue.

I know this is a song I keep singing here. As John said, you can’t stand still. The world keeps moving and we’ve got to move with it.

That’s exactly what I’m doing…