The Camera You Have With You

Marco Arment wrote a great post on the camera you have with you:

As part of my 2012 computer-setup shuffle, I also replaced my laptop with a Retina MacBook Pro, and the first thing it screams for is a high-resolution desktop wallpaper. Great, I thought, I’ll just use one of my photos.

Almost nothing I’ve shot since 2010 is usable.

I have been looking through our photos the last few years and have found the same phenomena. Our primary cameras have been iPhones during this time frame.

The cameras on these devices are great for capturing the little moments but they are horrendously bad at really good photographs. There is no way to hold them still enough. This is the beauty of products like Instagram. Those filters cover up so much of that photo garbage.

I’m not in a position to start shooting digital SLRs again — I hope to be in the future — but I sure enjoyed photography a lot more when I got high quality results.