Microsoft Surface: Awesome Looking Vaporware

Microsoft’s new Surface tablet *looks* awesome. The keynote *looked* great. The fold out keyboard *looked* innovative. No one was allowed to play with it afterward.

There is little reason for me to doubt Microsoft can pull this off. They’ve done hardware before, albeit nothing of this magnitude. But there is nothing to say they can pull it off, either. For reference, see its tablet history.

I’m 60 words in and that’s all there is to say. I could expound further on Microsoft moving into devices against their licensees, trying to sell it exclusively through their 20 stores, whether new-style Metro and old-style Windows can work on one device. But it isn’t worth my time.

Surface is vaporware. It will be available sometime in the future for some undisclosed price. And if I can say anything, Microsoft is exceptionally good at vaporware. After all, it was a Microsoft engineer that coined the phrase.