Internet Freedom Is An Understatement

The Internet is for everyone and the kids of the next generation see it as a right, not an option. That’s the basis of Fred Wilson’s post this morning, Life, Liberty and Blazing Broadband. I think it is an excellent article and worth the read, but I wanted to point out Aviah Laor’s comment, which could easily serve as a rallying cry for why SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and the like are bad for us:

Internet freedom is an understatement.

It’s the freedom to find better work. It’s the freedom to open your own gig. It’s the freedom to buy without intermediates that take 50% of the value. It’s the freedom to speak to a doctor and know what the hell he is talking about. It’s the freedom to talk to a lawyer and know what the hell he is talking about. It’s the freedom to get education without mortgaging your next 20 years for college fees and textbook publishers. It’s the freedom to follow politicians real actions and not their spin doctors.

It’s the freedom to exchange goods, services and needs instead of being milked for the next marketing driven nothing. It’s the freedom of artists to spread their art directly to fans, and to fans to get the art. It’s the freedom of never ending creativity.

It’s freedom. Period.

Right on!

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