Prediction Meets Notification: Siri’s Next Step

2012 Predictions: Macworld’s annual forecast of the year ahead

I don’t much go in for predictions but John Moltz, editor in chief of Apple Crazy Rumors had a crazy prediction for Apple’s 2012:

Having given iOS a major upgrade to its notification system in 2011, Apple will implement an even more startling upgrade in 2012: pre-notifications. Using patented time-displacement technology, Apple will deliver pre-notifications for events that will be happening to you shortly, such as “Your brother will call you in 15 minutes”, “The milk in your refrigerator will go bad at 3:15 PM” and “Hear that clock tower chiming midnight? You’ll be dead by the time the bells stop. Make peace with whatever god(s) you worship”. Google will attempt to copy the feature by using the open-source “Magic 8-Ball” system.

I love it! (Or don’t if I get the clock tower one.)