Entertaining Idiots

I just don’t get the entertainment industry. First they back SOPA, a law that could basically shut down Google, Yahoo, Facebook YouTube and another billion sites on the web whenever the entertainment industry lawyers don’t like what they are doing. (Apparently those companies and more are preparing to shut down their servers and direct people to call their local politicians if it moves forward. Oh, I’d hate to be a Senator that day.)

Then HBO gets pissy at Netflix and will no longer sell them discs for a discount. And now Warner Brothers announces that the window before movies are available to rent after release will no longer be 28 days; instead, it will be 56. (To which someone on Twitter commented that the BitTorrent window is 28 minutes.)

Why don’t they get it? Why don’t they understand that folks like me, who spent thousands of dollars per year on music, movies, TV shows, and cable, has almost completely gone cold turkey. I buy a song here or there on iTunes. I subscribe to Netflix. I get just the local channels on cable. And I’m done. Even if there was content I wanted to buy I surely would not pay them for it now. I’m fed up with the way Hollywood treats me as a consumer.

I bought new business checks yesterday and the salesman on the phone was telling me about all the ways people figured out how to rip off checks, many of which used Scotch Tape. He was espousing the amazingness of their new checks, which supposedly resist such fraud. All I could of is that if the bank industry was the entertainment industry, they would have sued 3M for supplying the tape years ago.

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