Beating A Dead Horse: Mobile Web, Mobile Web, Mobile Web

I am starting to see this message everywhere: mobile web development is the future. This time it is market analysis firm ABI Research:

“Ultimately, the long-term trend away from native applications to web-based applications means browser and web services engines will be increasingly important components in the mobile environment.”

Michael Mace has talked about it at length, I have mentioned this on more than one occasion. It’s happening.

One thought on “Beating A Dead Horse: Mobile Web, Mobile Web, Mobile Web

  1. Yes, ultimately, or eventually. We can *listen* to ‘mobile web, mobile web” a lot, at it’s fine for super basic apps, but today, richer applications can’t be delivered over mobile web; that is why Google Maps, and Yahoo Go, and many other are local. This is the eternal argument. But yes, eventually it should happen.

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