Constant Connectivity Just Around The Bend

Over the weekend, Fred Wilson wrote on his blog about the music industry and the future of streaming music. An important quote:

Over the next five years, the number of places and devices where you can’t get a speedy wireless connection is going to dwindle to maybe the car.

Ah, to dream! For 10 years we have talked about this day in mobile computing. Some will dread a world where we are always connected. But I see a world of possibilities.

This is the world my generation is waiting for and a world my two kids will understand innately.

Interesting products and services at your fingertips all the time on any computing device.

Software companies can bring them to you less expensively because we can write it for the web and gain huge cost efficiencies to deliver it.

Advancements in learning and teaching and growing that will match our individual lifestyles.

And, of course, an off switch when you want to be left alone.