Course Correction – Reinventing PowerOne #7

This is the next article in my series discussing the reinvention of the award-winning calculator, PowerOne. Read the entire series here.

This newsletter was sent to customers that signed up for version 5:

We’ve been hard at work collecting feedback from you, and if you completed the survey I sent out, thank you! It was the capper to help Rick and me decide the best way to move forward. Over 13% of you responded, which is incredible! Rick and I are continually humbled by how much you care about PowerOne calculator.

As you know, we are trying something different. We have found that it is hard to make money charging for calculators and templates. Instead, we are focused on charging for features such as team sharing, scenario comparisons, and sharing quotes and proposals with customers. Our goal is that the free version of PowerOne will act as a marketing channel, hopefully leading more people to our paid tiers. The first of those features — team sharing — is rolling out in the next week. Please tell me if you are interested.

Here are some highlights about what we’ve decided to change based on your feedback:

  1. We have re-released PowerOne Finance Pro and PowerOne Scientific Pro to the App Store. They remain $4.99 (free if you purchased them previously). Rick and I are committed to keeping these classic versions available to all. However, the source code is old and with Apple’s continual rule-changing and operating system updates there’s no way we can guarantee that it’ll continue to work in the future. Still, we feel that this will help many of you as you transition to PowerOne 5.
  2. Speaking of PowerOne 5, we are making several changes based on your feedback:
    • That interface. To put it mildly, it’s been polarizing. For every person who loves it, one of you loathes it. While we were inspired by Apple Maps this major change has been difficult for some. We’re redesigning the app based on your feedback.
    • We have long planned to add themes (colors, fonts, and text sizes, etc.) to PowerOne, and we’ll continue along this path.
    • Accounts scare people so we’re going to offer some features of PowerOne to those of you using it without an account.

This is just the beginning. I am excited to make a better product and appreciate that you care so deeply for PowerOne.

Elia Freedman