Contingency planning

My brain whirls all the time. I can hardly make it stop, even at night. It wakes me up at 3 or 5am and I have to read a book for a while before I can fall back to sleep.

What does my brain work on all the time? Plans and contingency plans and contingency plans for my contingency plans. They are ten levels deep, at least. I think through so many cases that I often come across as unflappable. That’s because I’ve already figured out what I would do in every situation. In the moment all I have to do is execute.

This is a big year for Infinity Softworks. The question we have to answer is whether Infinity is a full-time job for Rick and myself or whether it is a part-time job for one or both. There is revenue coming in but not enough to support both of us full-time at anything close to market wages. While neither of us are expecting to get to market wage this year, this is the year we need it to show promise.

In particular, that promise has to come from Equals as the other products are what they are at this point.

So I make plans. When will Equals be released? What revenue do we expect from DEWALT Mobile Pro? How about our deal with ETS? Will that change next year? Is the powerOne revenue sustainable? Any way to grow it? What do we need to make from Equals? Where do Rick and I need to be financially? When? What other expenses are we expecting? Any we can cut? Any we missed?

When all is said and done, I see revenues with modest raises this year for both of us. That’s a start, especially considering I (hopefully) low-balled DEWALT revenues and have no income from Equals this year on the books yet. But a sizable chunk of this year’s income comes from contract work and one-time payments, something I don’t want to do after this year. Equals needs to replace that.

Which inevitably leaves me contingency planning January of 2016. What happens if we have the incomes? What if we don’t? But this one needs to be pushed away for now.

All this planning can be a big distraction, too, especially at 5am. Enough planning. I need to execute.