Portrait of a Serial Winner

I don’t often share sports stories but this one goes far beyond sports. Luis Suarez is a national hero in Uruguay. He’s also a divisive figure in professional soccer, having bit two opposing players. When he was 15 it was believed he was suspended for head butting an official. From Wright Thompson at ESPN:

No soccer player in the world provokes such a strong emotional response as Liverpool’s striker, with less of an understanding of what lurks beneath the surface. His recent injury, which puts his World Cup fitness into doubt, makes him more intriguing. Yet knowing Suarez is difficult, since he seems to not know himself, and, regardless, he wouldn’t talk to me. The best path to that knowledge would have to be a journey through his past, looking for clues. That was the plan: talk to people who knew him and let their memories paint a picture. Those who met him during his early years, especially the first person he ever assaulted, might offer slivers of insight. So in addition to visiting Suarez’s mother, friends and neighbors, I wanted to sit down with the referee.

Only I couldn’t find him.

It’s a mystery story wrapped in a sports story wrapped up in a psychological drama. Go read it.

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