Waiting For Something Amazing

I watched the movie Jobs, about Steve of Apple fame, on the way back from vacation this past week. Doing so made me realize something I’m not certain I have figured out before about myself. Maybe it is the fact of watching a movie, a condensing of his life down to bullet points, in essence, that brought this to light for me, but it is clear now. What the world lost when Jobs died was inspiration.

There has been a hole in my life since Jobs past away two and a half years ago. I think that’s why most people are clamoring for something new from Apple. Somehow, by releasing something new, we can all have that feeling of inspiration again [1]. Even this mediocre movie made me feel that way.

By the end of the movie all I can think was who is going to inspire us to be greater than ourselves?

It seems like the tech industry is all about the bottom line anymore. This ability to inspire great things seems to have past this generation of tech companies by. Maybe that could have been Google, but Google decided that the ad was greater than the relationship long ago. Same for Facebook and Twitter. They would just as soon sell our souls to make another dollar.

Maybe we can turn back to hardware. The closest we may have is Elon Musk, a man who dreams about cars and trains and spaceships, but his inventions don’t touch us like Jobs’ work did. Most of them are literally beyond our grasp financially, and the rest are dreams, something that Jobs rarely let us see.

One of my favorite scenes in any movie ever happens to be in a Pixar movie, The Incredibles. Earlier in the movie the father pulls in the driveway and, upset, lifts his car above his head. Turning he realizes a small boy on a Big Wheel bike is watching him and gently sets it down. Later, after being fired, the father pulls in the driveway in the same car, turns to see the boy, and asks, “What are you waiting for?” The boy replies,  “I don’t know. Something amazing, I guess.”

All the doubters say that Apple has lost its edge, that time has passed it by. I doubt that. I doubt that a company can just lose its edge over night like that. Maybe over time it will fade but that’s inevitable for everything. Once great things tumble all the time. I also think the doubters know that.

So what makes them doubt? Why so negative about a company that hasn’t missed a beat since Jobs’ resignation? I think the doubters are mad. We’ve all lost inspiration and we don’t know where to get it back.

[1] Whether you like it or not, you are inspired by Apple. Even if you don’t like Apple products, all the other consumer tech companies seem to follow Apple’s lead, which means at a minimum Apple inspired you by proxy.

3 thoughts on “Waiting For Something Amazing

  1. I loved and hates that movie. Hated because it left so much out; loved so I got the book to understand what was left out!
    I like his idea if offering us something we didn’t know we needed. You are in this same position. You and your team just have to figure out what I don’t know I need.

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