My Technology Wish List

I’m a reducer by nature. I figure that’s because I like simplicity and getting rid of physical things simplifies life considerably.

About a decade ago I reduced a music collection of some 500 or so CDs down to a portion of a hard drive. A couple of years after that I burned out the DVD drive on a Mac mini by ripping some 300 DVDs to the same hard drive. Two massive collections down. This past year I took 1100 pictures in physical form (slide, negative and print) and sent them off to ScanCafe. They are sitting on two discs next to my desk right now, waiting to be imported into my collection and all the photo albums have been reduced to a small box. I will likely turn my sights to our book collection next, which has been reduced substantially since our college days, converting as much as I can of what remains to epub.

I have one very good reason for eliminating all this stuff and one silly reason. The good reason is that it all collects dust and when there are allergies in the house (my oldest daughter and me) anything we can do to eliminate potentially dusty things is good. The second, and silly, reason is that I once moved across country with only the things I could fit in the back of my car. There’s a part of me that wishes I could do that again.

One area that I’d like to reduce is the clutter around my tv set. I have a tv, an antenna, a receiver, a DVD player, a Roku box and an Apple TV. Plugged into the receiver are five speakers and a sub-woofer. Again, too much stuff. It’s not a big room so can’t help but wonder if a tv with sound bar and subwoofer would allow me to get rid of all the speakers and wires. And if Apple would release an Apple TV where I could plug in one of their mini DVD players, I could also get rid of my big honkin’ DVD player that takes up a whole shelf. I could get rid of Roku also if Apple TV would add Amazon Video. How awesome would that be? A TV, soundbar, subwoofer, antenna, Apple TV and a small DVD drive only, all except the subwoofer off the floor. [1] I’d probably mount the TV on the wall and build a small shelf for everything else. Oh, heaven.

Finally, while I’m making a list, I’m also ready for a new Mac mini. I wish Apple would release it already. I’m tired of waiting.

[1] I don’t have cable and haven’t for seven years. The antenna lets us pick up local channels. We got rid of our landline phone at least that long ago, too.