Stop Blaming Developers, Start Blaming Apple

Brilliant interview with indie developer David Bernard. The three passages couldn’t have been more appropriate. Here’s one comment, based on the question, is there more Apple could do to support paid apps?

Currently developers can use IAP for all sorts of convoluted free-to-play schemes, but Apple has a rule against free trials, demo apps, and the like. With a single policy change, Apple could empower developers to use App Store receipts to roll their own free trials. Surely that’s no more user hostile than Candy Crush’s casino-like techniques for milking users for cash.

Exactly! I’ve said this before — and I’ll say it again and again and again — most of the problems with the App Store are Apple’s fault. All of these discussions about search, top ranked, analytics, even the annoying rate my app dialogs, all of them are really about Apple and the policies they put in place.

As David points out, one single deletion in a policy document — not even a technology difference — could completely change how indie developers make a living.