65 Years of Honda Innovation In 2 Minutes

(I apologize if you saw this twice.)

Great commercial from Honda. It runs through 65 years of innovation by the company in two minute.

What really jumped out at me was how disruptive the company was, a la Clayton Christensen. Bolts to engines to motorcycles to small cars to bigger cars to… . Honda attacked one small segment of the market with each advancement, were laughed at with each step, until their motors were considered some of the best engineered in the world.

4 thoughts on “65 Years of Honda Innovation In 2 Minutes

  1. A fun watch. Made me sad to see this on the heels of them discontinuing the Honda Insight, a car that was innovative and disruptive when launched (a 75 mpg hybrid with a manual transmission?!) and completely derivative of the Prius when the second iteration was launched.
    Hope they have some more disruptive moves up their sleeve.

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