The Best I Can Do Is Learn From Mistakes

The best I can do is learn from mistakes. I will always make them.

When we released version 4.0 of powerOne, apparently, it was quite controversial. I guess I should have anticipated that since iOS 7 was so controversial and we were following Apple’s design aesthetic here. We changed colors within the app, darkened the calculator, removed lines around the buttons, etc. I and everyone I had shown it to thought it looked incredible.

Some of my customers didn’t, though.

Oh, boy, did I hear about it. Some were polite, offering constructive criticism, and some, frankly, were bordering on belligerent. I didn’t take it the wrong way, though. Their passion for our products far outweighs any negativism they could throw my way.

We reacted as quickly as we could. Each email received a prompt response, sympathizing and telling him or her that we are formulating a plan. After a few days to make sure we had much of the feedback, we developed a plan, executed that plan, and released a new version. We decided to add themes to the calculator, simplify the breadth of colors, and revert some back to the 3.0 originals. I wrote a blog post and sent it to all those who emailed, making sure they were okay with our direction before developing it. Finally, after approval yesterday and today, I emailed everyone to tell them the new versions are available.

I’ve always cared deeply about providing incredible customer service. I believe this is part of the reason our customers are so loyal. We try to respond to emails within an hour of receiving them and try to treat our customers with the respect they deserve. After all, they paid us money for our products.

2 thoughts on “The Best I Can Do Is Learn From Mistakes

  1. Major improvement, I do like the new gray calculator, but hated the template design. Using boarders around the numbers did make a big difference. Making the separator lines in the temples darker and I think a little wider made it a lot easier to read too.

    Contrast, that’s the problem with OS7, there isn’t any.

    Why do you need to follow apples design? As far as using it and the way it looks OS7 is a great big step backwards.


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