I was at a conference in Bend, Oregon, and met this guy Matt who was working on a sports email newsletter. I have followed sports since I was a kid. At one point I knew just about everything one could know about every player on every team.

But now I don’t have that kind of time. I get Cleveland Indians, Browns and Cavs news during the day and keep up with that. In the evenings I usually glance through the headlines at But that’s it.

So when I met Matt and he told me he was working on a daily sports email newsletter I was intrigued. We talked about the idea for a bit: highlighting the non-obvious stories, the human interest ones, the ones ESPN just doesn’t report. I mentioned the story last year about the NFL player who blasted the Maryland lawmaker for being critical of another pro football player’s pro-gay stance, which never was mentioned on He agreed that this is the kind of story he is interested in.

A couple of weeks ago he released his first issue. I thought I’d try it for a while and if it wasn’t to my liking, I’d unsubscribe.

I’m happy to say that the stories he reports have been incredible. Each issue includes about six articles and I’m happy to say that sometimes every one of them is too interesting to pass up. Monday’s issue had a story on a double murder in Brazil over a soccer game, how The Ohio State marching band is putting the screws to the competition, why kids still love baseball, and a story about a Japanese pitcher who had won 30 straight ball games. The best in that issue, though, was a story about a Nigerian basketball player who was fascinated by snow. And this was only Monday!

Enough of me going on about it. Check out Slugball. It’s an incredible dose of daily sports human interest stories right in your email box.