Build Businesses Not Apps

I gave a presentation at CocoaSlopes 2013 in Ogden Utah this weekend. It was extremely well received by a wonderful crowd. I thought I’d share the slides with everyone:

Build Businesses Not Apps

The few complaints I received was that it was depressing. My guess is that this came from people who haven’t experienced the App Store yet, those who haven’t had their bubble burst by the hard realities of the Store.

Personally I thought the presentation was hopeful albeit realistic. There is opportunity there for all of us if we just choose to think differently about the problem at hand.

In the early days of the Internet you could build almost anything and make it. Then reality hit with the stock market crash and things had to change. We are at that inflection point now for mobile as well.

I hope I get the chance to give this presentation again. It was a ton of fun to give, albeit somewhat grueling to create.

All links in the lower right corner give credit to the material source if there was any. In addition I added a slide at the end with credit links to all the images, which I found with Google image search.

9 thoughts on “Build Businesses Not Apps

  1. Elia – I appreciated the clarity and details of your presentation. A TON of good stats – thank you for the research. The reason it can be depressing is that developers don’t think nearly enough about their app / business and the experience it offers users. Design is the key differentiator between a profitable experience and a bad one. Thinking about how to delight, captivate, and improve the overall experience of the business offering is key to the success of any business / app. Yes – functionality matters. If the well-designed “thing” you’ve built doesn’t work , then it’s actually poorly designed overall. Design for delightful apps. That will ensure your business thrives. Look at DayOne!

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