Should I Write An App?

There was a discussion on the email list for Mobile Portland recently about whether or not someone should get into the app business. Jason Grigsby at Cloud Four suggested reading these articles first:

Developing an application and making money at it is very very hard to do. Maybe your idea is the right one, maybe it isn’t. No matter the case, though, there are likely faster ways to validate the idea then writing an app. I’ll let Jason say it:

The app store has created a goldrush-like mentality. I believe a lot of validation can occur before you talk to anyone. Simply look at the numbers, what you bring to the table in terms of unique information or exclusive access to data, and how hard you’re willing to work to promote the app, and then look at costs and try to evaluate how likely you are to recoup those expenses. Talking to customers and developers will help you understand better if the app will succeed and what it will take to build it. So once you’re comfortable that you have the risk tolerance and capital to pursue it, go for it.

Want to proceed anyway? Good for you. Just don’t go forward with blinders on.

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