This Is Tim Cook’s Apple Now

Ben Thompson wrote another very astute article, this time on Tim Cook and Apple:

While Jobs’ mission in life was personal computing, and Apple the by-product, Cook’s mission in life is Apple, and iOS 7 was the by-product of his commitment to ensuring that Apple endured.

The job of Apple’s CEO is, first and foremost, to understand what makes Apple, Apple. That is far more important than product sense, or operations excellence, or taste, or a million other attributes thrown around by pundits and analysts. On this criteria, it’s clear that Cook is the right man for the job. I would contend that anyone that says otherwise doesn’t understand revolutions, doesn’t understand culture, and doesn’t understand Apple.

I saw what Ben saw in this video: Tim Cook seemed happier and more lively than I’d ever seen him before. This is the first time I can remember an Apple presentation where I didn’t feel like there was something missing. It’s the first time that Steve Jobs’ ghost wasn’t standing next to Tim Cook passing judgement.

This is Tim Cook’s Apple now. And this is the first time he has let us see it.