Tenacity And Persistence Pays Off

From Fred Wilson:

I have known Scott Heiferman since the late 90s. He was one of the early NYC web 1.0 entrepreneurs. We were quite friendly with Scott but we were not early investors inMeetup, the company Scott started right after 9/11. Scott and I were at an event together and when asked about something he replied that he viewed Meetup as “a twenty year project.” He said that it would take at least twenty years for Meetup to achieve all that he wanted from it and possibly a lot longer. And that he was patient and committed to that timeline.

As Fred commented, Meetup is in its second decade and just passed its one hundred millionth booking. It seems that Meetup has been part of the web since there was a web. It has weathered many competitors. I have a ton of respect for people that have a dream, a vision, and stick to it for years and years. Congratulations to Scott Heiferman and the Meetup team.