Daylight Savings Time

I love Daylight Savings Time. I hate that day. It always screws me up. But I love DST. It feels like renewal to me, a change over from the cold damp winter to spring and summer weather I love so much. Dr. Drang has an article outlining the benefits and problems, headlined by how nasty the summer sun at 4am would be in most of the country if we didn’t observe it:

If we stayed on Standard Time throughout the year, sunrise here in the Chicago area would be between 4:15 and 4:30 am from the middle of May through the middle of July. And if you check the times for civil twilight, which is when it’s bright enough to see without artificial light, you’ll find that that starts half an hour earlier.

This is insane and a complete waste of sunlight. Good for a nation of farmers, I suppose, but of no value to anyone in our current urban/suburban society except those people who get up and go running before work. And I see no reason to encourage them.

So yes it screws me up for a day or two twice a year. But I’ll take the 9pm sunsets here in the summer over that minor disruption any day.