powerOne Scientific Test Ready Edition

Last night Apple approved our latest powerOne app. This version, powerOne Scientific Test Ready Edition, was specifically designed with a school district in New York that needed a scientific calculator for their state exams. We were happy to do the work to make this possible.

Infinity Softworks has a long history of working with schools. Our Palm OS powerOne Graph version was beloved by schools and is still the only AP committee-approved software product ever. In addition, Infinity Softworks provides the graphing calculator used in College Board CLEP online exams.

powerOne Scientific Test Ready Edition is iOS only. It includes an algebraic calculator with basic math, trig, powers, logs, memory locations, history and fractional math. All help and external links have been removed from the app, enabling the students to use it during an exam period. The app itself is $0.99 but only $0.50 for schools through the volume purchase program.

Whether using it for exams, in the classroom or just for personal use, it’s a fantastic and inexpensive alternative to hardware calculators.