Not Crushing It

Great post by Elizabeth Yin:

I’ll be one of the first entrepreneurs to admit we’re not crushing it.  Building a business is hard.  Crushing it would mean that you are always on the up and up.  Crushing it would mean that you are always hitting all your goals.  But you know what, that never happens — whether it’s in business or in life.  I am never crushing it. We are never crushing it.

Oh, man, can I relate. January started my 16th year running Infinity Softworks. Year after year I hear about the hot new company. A few years go by and that company is gone. I don’t wish the end for these companies and believe at some point we will be a hot company again, but meanwhile it is one foot in front of the other.

How do I do it, you ask? Easy. I believe in what I’m trying to accomplish and don’t believe it will happen over night.

(By the way, what a stupid phrase, “crushing it.” It’s like we are all pro ball players hitting home runs or surf boarders or pop drinkers or something. This is business, not entertainment.)

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