My Possessed iPad

The girls were at grandma’s this week, my wife and I were on the couch watching a movie, when I tried to look something up on my iPad. The iPad gods, though, had other ideas, possessing my device and sending a message. I don’t know what yyyytttttgggyyggtttgyygggtt means, but it has to be an X-Files-like code of some sort. I’m investigating now but watch the 20 second clip to see for yourself:

In the Palm days there was this really cool simulator mode called Gremlins. Gremlins would literally tap all over the screen, tap buttons, enter text (Shakespeare), anything it could do to your UI. Developers used it to test, primarily, for memory leaks. The benchmark was a million Gremlins. It was awesome to watch it spit out text and tap buttons and stuff, all in fast forward. I’d set it in the evening, go to bed, and in the morning see if it was still running.

Maybe Apple has some mysterious gremlins app running in the background that only comes out on January 27. Or maybe the aliens are sending me a message. They’re out there, you know.