On Grammar

I’ve been writing a lot on this blog the past year and based on the number of visitors, a lot of people enjoy my writing. I love writing and sharing my insights and knowledge with others. It’s no good locked solely in my head.

But the reality is writing every week day is taxing. It’s extremely hard to come up with topics every single day, write well and coherently and always spell and use correct grammar. Most of the time my process is pretty simple. I write my posts and re-read them at least once. Then  I read them again as soon as I get the post in my RSS feed. Each time I inevitably find something to fix.

As you probably can sense by now, I’m pretty anal retentive. I hated this when I was young but have found that it is a benefit for what I do now. One of my pet peeves is poor spelling and grammar. Hey, I’m not perfect. Nor is my ego tied up in it.

So I ask, if you see something I spelled incorrectly or used the wrong word or need to re-write something grammatically, please tell me. I won’t take offense.

2 thoughts on “On Grammar

  1. Elia,

    With a worldwide readership you just may be opening a pandora’s box; American English vs the rest of the world.

    Offense vs Offence
    Color vs Colour

    let the list begin….

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