“Shipping A Product Is A Lot Of Work”

There’s an interesting interview with Sam Soffes in this Venture Beat article. Sam wrote the app I referenced yesterday, Cheddar, which is a to do list app that works across iOS and Mac systems. I love reading these interviews with people actually out trying to make products and make a living. Once companies get big they become guarded and generally don’t release these kinds of statements.

One answer I wanted to point out specifically is this one:

After I left Hipstamatic, I decided I wanted to make something. Over a year ago, I had played with Cheddar a little on a flight and thought it would be fun to make it for real. I thought it would take three weeks tops to get a version out and start making money. Three months later, I shipped Cheddar on the web as well as a native iPhone and iPad app… It turns out shipping a product is a lot of work.

Well, yeah! Shipping a well designed, fully functioning service is hard work and does take time. He says it took him three months to ship. No, it took him a year plus to ship. Even if he wasn’t actively coding Cheddar, he was thinking about it and solving problems in the back of his brain. And this is a simple idea — a task list app.

The reality is complicated things take time to develop and ship. Be patient.

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    • Saw that. The podcast Core Intuition has a great segment on that in Episode 72.

      That’s an insane price, by the way. He is, unfortunately, confusing sunk cost with product value. I’ll be surprised if he gets that much for it. Then again, doesn’t hurt to ask!

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