A Look Back At 2012

In 2012 I wrote 251 posts, bringing the total post count on eliainsider.com to 477. This is the first year I tried to write each work day as previously I wrote once per week. There were 261 weekdays. If you discount holidays and vacations I exceeded my goal, although there were some days I wrote more than once and some days I didn’t write at all.

Of those 251 posts, 11 were added to my favorites list bringing the total to 36. I find it interesting that I wrote 52% of the posts on the blog in 2012 but only added 30% more posts to the favorites column. Either my standards for high-quality topics and writing increased or I wasn’t as diligent as I used to be in marking favorites.

According to WordPress, my most read posts this year (not necessarily written this year) were:

  1. My iPad 3 Wish: Writing Support
  2. Developers Perspective: Strengths/Weaknesses of Mobile Platforms
  3. Who’s Making Money in Mobile Apps?
  4. Lessons Learned: One Month in the iPhone AppStore
  5. Breaking Down Android Devices and OS Version [Survey Results]

My personal favorites, in start to end of year order, were:

Interesting that all of you seem to prefer my practical, mobile posts while I personally prefer my theoretical, humanities-oriented posts.

So we start 2013. Here’s hoping it’s better than 2012. Here’s hoping every new year is better than the one before.