The 0.0001%

According to Canalys, 0.0001% of all app store developers (that’s 1 in 100,000) make 50% of the mobile app revenue. That is 25 companies — not 25% — 25 companies, all of which are in the business of entertainment. And Canalys expects their position to consolidate, meaning they’ll make even more of the app store revenues.

“This is expected to ensure that over the Christmas period in the US, the dominance of key game developers will only increase,” added Canalys VP and Principal Analyst, Chris Jones, in a statement.

I took a look the other day. Year-over-year, Black Friday to Black Friday, our powerOne sales are off 73%. There were three dips. The first is when DEWALT Mobile Pro shipped, which killed off most of our powerOne Construction sales. I’m okay with that as we cannibalized ourselves and still think there is plenty of upside on DEWALT. The second dip happened when HP released the 12c for iPad. But both of those dips were barely felt compared to the dip after iOS 6 launched. Whatever Apple did in the App Store, it killed our sales. We’ll see if powerOne for Android revitalizes them.