The Relative Cost of Stuff

I’ve started looking at pricing things different then I used to. Once upon a time I’d look at total dollar cost and decide whether it was of value or not. Wow! A $200 pair of shoes! But now I look at an object in relation to the value per usage. Okay, those $200 pair of shoes cost more than a $100 pair of shoes, but I will use them for the next 200 times over the next five years. That’s only $1.00 per use. And since I bought them at REI, they will be covered for their entire life.

Technology is the same way. Now some of the technology products I buy are because we have to for work. I’m certain I would not have purchased an iPad mini except I needed to make sure powerOne was functional on it. But spending $800 on an iPad, given the number of hours I spend on it each year, pays off big time. I’m probably down around $0.05 per hour for that baby!