Amazon at Mobile Portland on Monday November 12

If you live in or near Portland I highly recommend coming out to Mobile Portland on Monday November 12. A senior Amazon Director, Aaron Rubenson, is coming down from Seattle to talk Kindle Appstore. As Jason Grigsby [1] said in his post on the topic:

I’m keenly interested in learning more about what Amazon is doing and what opportunities look like. I want to learn more about what Amazon can do for developers and entrepreneurs that other platforms don’t. I want to understand how to maximize our potential on the Amazon Kindle platform.

The last year has included a number of big events with some big names. We’ve had Microsoft, Nokia and now Amazon, among a host of other great speakers and panelists. I’m hoping we can attract a large crowd and show those who haven’t come yet that they are missing out. These are exciting times in mobile, Portland is a hotspot for developers and others in the mobile space. Let’s show them all why they need to be here.

RSVP today.

[1] I’m on the Board along with Jason and Dylan Boyd.