The Next Frontier: Digital Tickets

Apparently, MLB rolled out its Apple Passbook experience the last couple of weeks of the season:

In the two weeks that the Passbook program was in place at four Major League ballparks, Passbook accounted for 12% of sales of single game tickets purchased online, around 1,500 in total. Those numbers seem pretty darn impressive, the parks are not minor ones, and that’s a decent chunk of ticketing. But they get even more impressive when you think about the breakdown.

I have a box in my closet filled with ticket stubs for every event my wife and I have ever been to. That’s more than 17 years of movies, concerts, ball games, etc. Normally I’m a big digital guy as I hate the clutter and dust. But what happens to my shoe box when there are no more ticket stubs?

The picture is my MLB ticket stub and box score from Matt Cain’s perfect game this summer.