An Interview With a Comic

I’m smitten with the comics and writing of Randall Munroe. I read both his comic strip and his Tuesday What If? series with regularity. He is a very smart guy who uses his nerd humor to good effect. There’s a great interview with him in The Atlantic that is well worth a read, and even provides some interesting nuggets of insight for every company, including this one on why he chose to structure his site for one strip at a time reading:

One of the things I’ve learned with doing xkcd is that you sort of give people, “Here’s the thing, and here’s the button you can press to get another thing.” Sometimes that can be more easy to digest than “here’s a long page of things.” You can read through it, and you get to the end and think, “Wow, I just read a whole bunch. Do I really want another page like this?”

I hope you’ll take the time to read it.